YBBP Flame Proof Inverter Motor

The Longbank YBBP flameproof inverter motors boast explosion-proof frequency-control three-phase asynchronous features. These motors are engineered in such a way as to prevent flames from igniting outside the motor in the case of an internal fire. This is a perfect option for hazardous environments with flammable gases or materials.
We offer single-phase and three-phase inverter motors, as well various mounting options. The mounting options include foot-mounted, c-face footed, and footless. As for insulation, we use class F for maximum safety. You can request YBBP flameproof inverter motors with different voltage capacities, and each motor can undergo an overload of 160%. These explosion-proof inverter motors can be used outdoors, as they are rated at IP55—moderate ingress protection.
YBBP flameproof inverter motors are certified for compliance with the standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60079-1. Our inverter motors have guaranteed equipment protection and quality. To ensure this, we thoroughly test guidance for flame path width, cooling, and internal/external temperature tolerances. Naturally, these inverter motors also comply with the German DIN4267 standard.
Clients worldwide choose Longbank flameproof inverter motors across many industries. These include chemical, mining, agriculture, pharmaceutical, etc. YBBP inverter motors are installed in pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, conveyors, and more.

Our YBBP flameproof inverter motor features a speed control system that improves energy conservation, wide range, low noise, low vibration, and reliability. Additionally, we engineer stepless velocity modulation, with 5–50Hz having a constant torque conversion, and 50–100Hz having constant power frequency conversion.
We ensure motor durability by including axial flow ventilators and fans. Longbank AC inverter motors operate up to 180rpm, 380v, specially designed induction rotor, and a strong enclosure.
Contact us to manufacture the ideal flameproof inverter motor.

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