YFB3 Dust Explosion Proof Motor

The YFB3 series high-efficiency explosion-proof, dust-tight, three-phase asynchronous motor is among Longbank’s most advanced motors. Motors from the YFB3 series have a small volume, are lightweight, efficient, and tough.

We have engineered reliable YFB3 explosion-proof motors rated at IP66, making them perfect for hazardous environments with industrial, flammable dust or lint. If an internal explosion occurs, the motor will contain the fire and impact in a safe way. 

The explosion-proof performance of our YFB3 motors conforms to Gb3836.1-2010 and GB 12476.1-2013. Having the explosion-proof mark of Ex t d a 21 IP65 t 125 °C, we guarantee the motors’ reliable quality. Models from the YFB3 series are made for places where the thickness of the dust layer is less than 5mm, and the dust clouds may be combustible.

The dynamically balanced aluminum rotors ensure low noise and low vibration, while high-class electrical steel streamlines the efficiency of the motor. Coupling spur gearing drives a cylindrical shaft extension for smooth operation. Our dust explosion-proof motors withstand high surface temperatures, are enclosure protected, and are suitable for zone 21. 

Many industries find use in Longbank’s YFB3 series dust explosion-proof motors: medicine, textile, metallurgy, grain processing, chemical fertilizers, tobacco, papermaking, synthetic materials, and construction materials. All these industries involve by-products of combustible dust.

Our YFB3 motors are safe, reliable, durable, easy to install and operate, and efficient. Contact us today to design your perfect dust explosion-proof motor in China!

The YFB3 dust explosion-proof motors have an efficiency value of grade 2, consistent with IE3 of IEC 60034-30. 

These motors have IC411 cooling, many frame size options, a variety of pole numbers, power outputs, rated voltages, rated frequencies, and more. Our motors work by a continuous S1 in ambient temperatures not exceeding 40°C.



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