Professional 8kv Motor Manufacturer in China

Longbank is the superlative manufacturing industry for 8kv motors in China. This device shows various applications, such as compressors, fans, cranes, mixers, and pumps.

  • Low in weight and easy to install
  • High conversion rate and maximum proficiency
  • No noise pollution during working
  • Anti-condensational heaters protect the device from moistc
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Custom 8kv Motors

Longbank fabricates an 8kv Motor that has magnetic poles in both ends of the north and south directions. The output of the 8kv motor is 100kw to 20,000kw. The motor rotates at the speed of 3600rpm at 50Hz. The most advanced features of the device increase its application in cranes, conveyors, mixers, compressors, and fans, at the industrial working for mining, drilling, and turning.

Longbank is a sterling manufacturing unit in China. All of the company’s machinery types are quality-based and effective. Clients can customize its features according to their choice. Our expert engineers only need specific features, and we shall manufacture them according to your necessity.

Longbank customizes the 1kv motor that turns at the rate of 3000rpm when the frequency is 50Hz. Application in the fans and washing machines.

2kv motor rotates with the succession of 1450rpm at 50Hz and shows the E1 efficiency system. IP Protection technology enhances the protection of the device.

3kv is asynchronous with an energy budget of 185 to 3550kw. Shows multiple ways of protection technology and is present in the form of 50Hz or 60Hz.

4kv motor produces the output of 4000w, and ISO certified compact body design. Shows applications in the cranes and crushes.

5Kv motor is asynchronous, extracting the power of 6.5 to 1000KW at 50Hz. The machine shows the rotation of 1500rpm.

6Kv motor is asynchronous that yields the output of 185KW to 2500KW at 50Hz. Three-phase machine with IEC verified.

Why Choose Longbank 8kv Motors

Cooling and Ventilation
Cooling and Ventilation

Longbank manufactures 8kv Motors that expresses the high-efficiency rate. For the cooling and ventilation of the device, the fan is present inside the machine. As the machine works, then the heat will produce. This fan releases the extra heat of the device. Thus, keep the working smooth and accurate.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Longbank holds the unbeatable eminence of 8kv due to its efficient features. Being an ISO-certified brand, the device has premium quality features that maximize its production rate. The body of the motor constitutes resistive material that protects from decay. The machine contains parts of pure quality that enhance resistivity.

Optimal Features
Feature Optimization

Longbank enterprise products contain better-quality features such as working in an environment-friendly mode, slight vibration when working start, portable, capable of working for an extended period, and easy to manage. Customers can also add conventional features to the device.

Insulation Class
Protective Insulation

Longbank fleeces the products with the casing of iron that acts as a protective shield and guards the device against deterioration. It also contains IP fortification expertise with anti-condensational heaters that sentinel the motors from environmental fluxes.

What is an 8kv motor?

Longbank manufactures the 8kv motor that is professional in energy products. The machine yields an output of 100kw to 20000kw and rotates with the speed of 3600rpm at 50Hz. Primarily applicable in mixers, cranes, conveyors, compressors, and pumps.

The machine contains a rotor that makes its rotation perfect. This device is ideal for all business work. We also offer product customization. You have to provide your specifications, and we shall manufacture it according to your desire.


Construction of 8kV Motor

Diverse types of essentials are fitted inside the body of the 8kV motor. Each module plays a vital role in scheming the efficiency of the engine. However, any impairment on its part will lessen the productivity of the motor.

Longbank offers numerous high voltage motors presenting multiple models vastly precise in their role. A few sequences are YE2, YVFE2, YBX3, YE3, etc. A few crucial components of all these models are inscribed below:

The Bearing System

One of the main apparatuses of the 8kV motor is its bearings. These bearings maintain the motor’s period and are further detained by grease. These bearings can be unrestricted, or they can be articulated.

Free bearings exist in motors with a frame size of 80-160. These bearings maintain a certain distance between the rotor and the stator and provide sustenance to the weight.

Grease Life and Re-Greasing Interval

Some bearings are recurrently greased, while some are greased only once in their period. If the lubrication is done in pauses, it expands the time of the 8kV motor. Longbank offers these structures due to its dynamic team.

Countless aspects control the overall productivity of the motor and retain the motor’s functions smoothly. A few of these aspects are the temperature of the surrounding, the operating conditions, the optimum speed of the motor, the bearing’s size, the amount and weight of the load, and many others.

An increased speed over a fixed limit will press the bearings from radial and axial directions, off-putting the motor’s overall period. A scorching and cold surrounding also undermines the plane functions of the 8kV motors.


Vibration is only produced by the toing and froing of the rotor. These rotors comprise metal sheets with the magnet’s north and south poles through alternating currents. These rotors are sustained through a half-key.

Anti-Condensation Heater

Some motors are precisely planned to work in high-temperature situations. But if non-specific motors are used in such conditions, their windings commence condensing. This marvel usually happens in hot summer weather. Such problems are not found in the Longbank’s 8kV motor because of the complex addition of the anti-condensation heaters.

Rated Output

Longbank’s crew is highly proficient in the industrial of the 8kV motor. They retain in view all the stipulations of the motor. The two significant aspects for adjusting the optimum results are temperature (-15oC to 40oC) and height (1000m) above sea level.

Voltage and Frequency

Longbank presents two categories of 8kV motors that are IEC60034-1 verified. Category A’s voltage and frequency variations are ±5 % and ±2%, respectively. The fluctuation of voltage and frequency of category B are ±10% and +3% / -5%. The category’s A motors can best perform at a higher temperature than the other motors.

Features of 8kV Motor

Each motor possesses peculiar structures which depend upon the series of the motor. Some of the standard features of the 8kV motor are written here:

  • One-time lubricated motors have a lifetime of 20,000 hours.
  • Frequently lubricated motors possess a lifetime of 40,000 hours.
  • 10K increase in CT lowers the bearing’s lifetime by one-half.
  • 7kW motor is available in multiple watts and speeds.
  • The voltage of this motor is 8000V.
  • The frame of the motor is composed of cast iron, making it hard and beautiful.
  • The structure of the space heater is vertical-horizontal.
  • The motor possesses good mechanical strength.
  • Small metal sheets minimize energy losses.
  • The material inside the stator and rotor induces magnetism.
  • The filling of electromagnetic cables defends the component from any impairment.
  • VPI layering aids in refining the electrical properties of the stator’s windings.
  • Internal heat is emitted through the internal fan. At the same time, outer fans help dissipate the external heat.
  • The poles in the rotor are produced by passing the current.
  • The G1.0 level measures the air space.
  • The external fan can also reduce the motor’s noise.

Customized 8kv Motors supplier in China

Longbank is a comparative industry for engineering 8kv motors according to the modern age. Product customization can enhance the durability and efficiency of the device. This motor has wide applications in cranes, conveyors, compressors, mixers, fans, and washing machines.

Longbank has its experimental spot for the manipulation of the working of the machine. Such as testing the motor’s endurance and checking the machine’s and hub motor systems’ automation systems. All products, especially 8kv Motor, are ISO verified and got many other authorizations such as TUV, CCC, UL, ROHS, GS, CE, and many different certifications. All of these express the quality of products.

The cumulative demand for the 8kV motor is because of its novel features and vast pros. Some of these are enlisted here:

  • The body material expands the lifetime of the 8kV motor.
  • You can purchase this motor in an affordable range.
  • Longbank’s team can construct your 8kV motor according to your necessities.
  • The body is protected against environmental damage through different IP techniques.
  • Multiple sensors maintain the smooth function of the motor.
  • These motors are used in several places.
  • These motors produce less noise, enhance speed, and work under challenging conditions.

8kV motors are used in several fields. Some of their applications are explained here:

  • Medical industries use 8kV motors to run apparatus involved in the synthesis of drugs.
  • Many petrochemicals and cement manufacturers are substituting their old motors with 8kV motors.
  • Food manufacturing industries use these motors to store and synthesize food items.
  • 8kV motors are now fixed in agricultural areas to complete all the tasks.
  • These motors are now installed in high-voltage wind turbines.
  • Paper industries use 8kV motors to make different types of paper.
  • Ships are also designed with these 8kV motors to run all ships’ equipment.
  • Other types of electronic toys use these 8kV Motors.
  • 8kV motor is used in several large water coolers for water cooling purposes.
One-Stop 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Solution in China
One-Stop 8kv Motor Solution in China

Longbank has been innovatively manufacturing the 8kv motor since 1972. Our company is ISO-certified and manufactures many beneficial products yearly to serve the whole world. Our company contains highly talented and hardworking engineers and workers that build the product according to the client’s interest.

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  • “Longbank agreements the quality of the product. It enables its customers by maximum productive rate and quality assurance.”


  • “8kv Motor has an attractive physical appearance. The machine’s design is first-rate, from its initial part to its working. Its design converses with its functional property. Thanks a lot, Longbank.”

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